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CFNR Journeys

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CFNR - Journeys with Char Normandeau

August 12, 2020

"We chat with Northwest Coast jewelry designer and artist, Jaimie Davis, a strong Gitxsan and Nisgaa woman who’s creating beautiful work for her own studio, Jada Creations, based in Terrace BC.

Jaimie and I knew each other growing up in this area and I thought she would be a great person to have on Journeys. Not only is she delightful to be around, but she’s also intelligent, deliberately spoken and passionate about her life and sharing her culture.

We sat down early in the morning to talk about her art, her designs and how she’s found her stride as a proud, strong Gitxsan woman." -Char Normandeau

Coast Mountain College - We're still here.


"When we are drawing, painting and carving it's like we can feel our ancestors watching us, and I just know they would be proud of us,  that we're still practicing our art form. We're keeping it alive. We're still here."

Jaimie Davis, Artist & Program Graduate

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Northwest Community College President’s Art Award - The Interior News

Feb 24, 2018

Jaimie Davis (Xbiyee), Gitxsan/Nisga’a, receives the $500 honourary mention award.

Two talented artists from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art are the latest recipients of the Northwest Community College (now Coast Mountain College) President’s Art Award.

Jaimie Davis (Xbiyee), Gitxsan/Nisga’a, receives the $500 honourary mention award for her two-piece Nisga’a Bentwood box design on wood panels. She chose the traditional design as a nod to the ancestors and the lessons they teach us.

“This recognition is an incredible honour,” said Davis. “I believe my ancestors were watching over me as I created this piece for them. In turn, they showed me they are listening and watching us as we work hard to keep our culture alive.”

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CFNR - Journeys with Kiefer Collison

Role Model Series

May 30, 2017

"Tonight on Journey's role model series we have Jaimie Davis, Gitxsan and Nisga'a residing in Terrace B.C. Jaime is a cedar weaver who is currently going into her second year of the Freda Diesing program where she is growing her talents as an artist. She also runs her own business and is a single parent to her beautiful son  Jaimie embodies what hard work and talent look like. Tune in tonight 6pm after the news."

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