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Who are we?

I am just one indigenous woman who grew up on a small reserve trying to share a piece of my culture with the world through wearable art. Art is the language of our ancestors and it always tells a story. It is my mission to share our story with the world and to let it be known that we are still here!

The original jewelry designs are made up of cedar bark which is all harvested by myself, locally and sustainably on my traditional laxyip (territory). Whenever you wear a piece of this jewelry you are carrying with you the energy of the cedar tree that has been transformed into a wearable art piece. Cedar is a healing medicine and is one of the four sacred medicines (along with sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco). 

Cedar rope is often used in my designs as well, and with every other art piece, it serves a purpose and tells a story.  You can take one strand of bark and it is weak and easily broken but weave multiple strands together it becomes strong and unbreakable. This is how I hope for us to be as a Clan, Community, Nation, Country, as a People! We need to unite to protect our lands and resources just as our ancestors have before us. We are the original custodians of Mother Earth and if we can return to the land, we can help restore the balance. United we are stronger!

Who the brand is for? 

Jada Creations is for everyone who supports indigenous culture. We need to be more conscious as consumers which means being consciously aware of our purchases and where they come from. A good tip to know is to always check the "About" section on a website. If there is no clear affiliation with any First Nations then it is most likely a rip-off website. 

When you do this you are helping the fight against cultural appropriation.  One of my role models from Eighth Generation, Louie Gong, said it best, "Support Inspired Natives, not Native-inspired."

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Photo credit: Storm Carroll, Skeena River Media

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